Who is the FDMC?

The Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York (FDMC) is a membership organization that serves two distinct functions. Our primary function is to educate, inform and support those who work in the family mediation field. To that end, we host monthly continuing education events, membership networking events and provide other forms of community and assistance to mediators in the greater New York area.Additionally, through our website and other outreach activities, we are committed to the promotion of mediation as a standard dispute resolution process for all classes of family conflicts.
Whether a conflict is rooted in divorce and separation, pre-nuptial or post-nuptial conflict, shared ownership disputes within families, family business disputes, elder care challenges, the break up of same-sex couples, couples mediation or any other form of family dispute, we strongly believe mediation should be considered as part of the solution. Our mission is to make the public aware of the benefits of mediation.Our membership is comprised of mediators, lawyers, mental health professionals, financial specialists and others who believe in the benefits of family mediation.